It all began with no food to eat, lots of rain and living in the Pittwater paradise of Scotland Island......

In 2016 we moved to Scotland Island and over the years the lack of mainland amenities in terms of food delivery has given me the passion to set up these services.  We are a local family run business living in the heart of our vibrant off shore community.


We will provide fresh ingredients for you to cook for your family and friends in your own home and to wow them with your skills in the kitchen.


The vision is to re-use the food delivery boxes, to provide compostable packaging where possible and to dramatically reduce food wastage for our small vibrant offshore community.  


Oh and let's not forget to ensure there are no missing ingredients for your favourite dish where a run to the mainland is required.........in all weather conditions :)......and to not lose your precious Church Point car parking spot......


We hope you enjoy this service and our menus,


Mexcian Food
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since 2020

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