So how does it all work ??
Very simple in truth.....
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How does  it all work ?

STEP 1 -  Decide on how many meals you need 

We provide food boxes based on either 2 or 4 people and then you decide on the number of nights you would like to get your high quality ingredients and recipe cards delivered FREE.  


We deliver 2 Day, 3 Day or 4 Day boxes.


STEP 2 -  When do you want your delivery?

We deliver on a Monday and Friday afternoon each week by 6pm to Scotland Island addresses and to Western Bays wharf's by 7pm.  

  • The order cut off times for a Monday delivery is Saturday 7pm 

  • The order cut off time for a Friday delivery is Wednesday 7pm

STEP 3 -  Place your order and pay online via our site

  • See our Food Box Recipes page for current meal options and note the meals you would like.

    • Example for a 2 Day box choose 2 meals, 3 Day Box choose 3 meals.


  • Place your order via our Online Ordering page:

    • We work with the global online payments provider Stripe, who we partner with to accept your payments.  

    • We do not have access to your card details using this payment provider.  Sorry no cash!  

    • During the Ordering process you are then able to choose your meal selections for both our Fresh Food Boxes and our New BBQ Box range.

    • If you have chosen to have a regular weekly ordering plan it is even easier.   Sign up to a plan and simply email your recipe selection by the order cut of time each week.


If you have any questions please fill in the contact form or email and I will step you through the process.

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